We use security cameras in SPA Tours OÜ for the protection of persons (i.e customers, employees and visitors), ensuring safety and for ascertaining whether internal procedure rules are complied with. The data controller is SPA Tours OÜ.

The security cameras have been installed so that the parking lot area, entrances, hallways, spa and all common areas are in the surveillance area. Resulting therefrom the clients and other visitors staying in the aforesaid areas also remain in the surveillance area and on the video recordings. The main conditions for the use of video cameras are described as follows:

  • Legal basis for the use of cameras – legitimate interest.
  • Short description of the surveillance system – digital without audio recording capacity.
  • Whom the recording may be forwarded – Police and Border Guard Board, DPI and all others lawful entety.
  • The receptionists and kitchen team have access to the surveillance system and the CEO has access to the recordings.
  • How long the recordings are preserved – the recordings are preserved for 2 months after which the video system starts to re-record automatically. In case of a security incident the recording relating to the incident is preserved after the incident has been solved.
  • Time of surveillance –24 h.
  • Type of surveillance – live with recording and reviewing.
  • What is done to protect the data collected with the surveillance system – recordings are located in virtual server accessed only by the CEO with personal user data and passwords.

How can a person get acquainted with the data collected about them? To get acquainted with the data collected about you, please submit a written application to the CEO of the company by sending an e-mail to the following address: If you wish to get acquainted with the data, please consider that we only keep our recordings for 4 weeks and that in order to protect the rights and interests of other persons in those recordings, we must make the images of then unidentifiable and therefore it is not possible for you to get acquainted with the recordings immediately.

Each person for whom the data is collected, is entitled to submit complaints not only to the data collector but the relevant supervisory authorities.

In addition to the right of getting acquainted with the recording, the person is also entitled to use any other data subject rights stipulated in regulation (EU) 206/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The rights of the data subject are also described in point 4 (“Rights of the data subject”) of the privacy policy of SPA Tours OÜ and the legal analyses serving as the basis of data collection.

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