Sauna center

Atlantis H20 Aquapark is connected to Tallinn Viimsi Spa and Sauna Center  and swimming pool via a gallery.

For an additional fee visitors to the Aquapark will be able to enjoy various spa and sauna pleasures. The additional fee for Spa and Sauna Center is 10 € / per person and 20 € per family ticket.
It is possible to redeem the combo ticket for the Aquapark + Sauna Center at the Atlantis H20 ticket office. If you wish, you can add a visit to the Sauna Center to your Aquapark visit at the Aquapark’s NOMNOM bar, and pay upon exiting.

In the luxurious spa and sauna center our guests can enjoy the caressing pleasures of the water paradise. Besides the steam bath and Finnish saunas you can experience the salt stone, juniper sauna, ritual sauna, smoke sauna, infrared-yoga sauna and tropical sauna. Our sauna masters take care of pleasant atmosphere during regular sauna rituals, making a sauna visit an exclusive and memorable experience! Between sauna visits you can cool yourself in the spa pools and jacuzzis and enjoy refreshing cocktails in the spa bar. For our little customers, there is a bathing pool in the center and a separate pool for floating babies. For older customers the spa includes a relaxing pool for peaceful bathing and an outdoor pool with cool water for strengthening your health. In the near vicinity of saunas and pools, stylish spa treatment rooms are located, from where you can find an excellent possibility to nourish your body by enjoying different massages and body treatments.


Outdoor sauna

  • high temperature (up to 90°C) and medium air humidity
  • relieves stress and promotes better falling asleep
  • regular sauna habit keeps your blood pressure in order
  • sauna gives a person light physical effort, as the vapour accelerates pulse and promotes blood circulation
  • deepens the sense of well-being
  • recommended duration of sauna session is 10 minutes

Natural salt stone sauna

  • low temperature (up to 60°C) and air humidity
  • natural salt stone has been used on the walls
  • aromatherapeutic oils which help the organism to purify and have an anti-stress effect
  • suitable for relaxing both for elderly people and for children
  • the recommended time to be spent in sauna is up to 20 minutes

Finnish sauna

  • high temperature (up to 100°C) and moderate air humidity
  • hot heater stones are the source of heat and by throwing water on them you create steam which moistens the air for a short period
  • Finnish sauna is primarily meant for sweating
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  • after spending time on sauna platform, you should every time cool yourself with cold water or in fresh air
  • a nice sauna attendant turns visiting sauna into a real experience
  • whisking yourself stimulates the skin and blood and lymph circulation as well as relieves muscle aches
  • during the ritual, muscles relax, blood circulation and metabolism improve
  • it has a refreshing effect which makes you more resistant to diseases
  • the recommended time to be spent in sauna is up to 10 minutes

Juniper sauna

  • low temperature (up to 60°) and air humidity
  • natural juniper wood has been used on the walls
  • natural ethereal juniper oil aroma has an anti-inflammation and -virus effect
  • well suitable for relaxing, increasing the resistance of an organism and in case of respiratory diseases
  • the recommended time to be spent in sauna is up to 20 minutes

Steam sauna

  • low temperature (up to 60°) and air humidity of 100%
  • salt steam with marine concentration
  • especially well suitable in case of skin diseases (psoriasis, allergic rash, skin dryness and peeling skin) and respiratory diseases (bronchitis, coughing, voice hoarseness, asthma, cold)
  • humid heat cleans the skin intensively which makes the skin soft and silky
  • the recommended time to be spent in sauna is up to 12 minutes

Steam-salt sauna

  • low temperature (up to 60°) and air humidity of 100%
  • salt is rubbed into your body by massage, it is left there for 5-10 minutes and then washed under the shower
  • warm steam opens skin pores, rubbing with salt has a peeling effect on skin and when leaving the sauna, the skin feels really silky
  • salt has a cleaning and antibacterial effect
  • the recommended time to be spent in sauna is up to 12 minutes

Children’s sauna Water bear

We have created a children’s sauna Water bear for younger spa lovers. The water bear is a funny animal living in Atlantis H2O Aquapark, who has come across the sea to the sauna center to provide company for the smallest water lovers in the sauna. In the Water bear sauna, you feel as if you are sitting in a submarine, and through the portholes you can see the exciting underwater world. The sauna has a pleasantly low temperature and safe seats.

  • low temperature 40-45°C
  • air humidity 30-40%
  • the recommended time to be spent in sauna is up to 10-15 minutes

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