Reminder for Aquapark Visitors

We wish all visitors to Atlantis H2O Aquapark a pleasant and secure visit.

Familiarising yourself with the rules will help to make your visit to the Aquapark memorable and relaxing in every way. Thank you!



  1. Each visit to the Aquapark is valid for 3 hours.
  2. The duration of the visit begins at the moment the ticket is redeemed.
  3. An additional fee of 0,12 € per minute, based on the valid price list, will be charged for a visit that exceeds 3 hours.
  4. Water park attractions  and saunas in the sauna center are closed  at 21:45.


  1. By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that you agree with Aquapark’s rules.
  2. Children under 12 years of age may only enter Aquapark in the company of a ticket-holding adult chaperone, who is responsible for the safety and behaviour of the children and ensures that the children comply with the rules for behaviour listed in the “Reminder for Aquapark Visitors”. Inside Aquapark, we ask that all parents/adult chaperones keep an eye on their children. The fine for leaving a child unattended is EUR 50!
  3. Please observe all explanatory notices and signs posted in Aquapark. Aquapark shall not be liable for injuries or other health problems suffered by visitors, nor shall they compensate for any resulting damages.
  4. Do not rush through the changing rooms and Aquapark. Rushing/running on wet floors is dangerous to you and other visitors.
  5. The colouring of hair, application of various body products and shaving is prohibited.
  6. Bringing outside food or drink into Aquapark is prohibited. Food and drinks purchased from the bar must be consumed within the territory of the café. Aquapark personnel have the right to confiscate any outside food or drinks (excluding baby foods and drinks). There is a fine of EUR 50 for failure to adhere to the instructions of Aquapark personnel.
  7. Anyone in an intoxicated state will be refused entry to Aquapark.
  8. Aquapark personnel have the right to remove a person who is a danger to themselves or bothering other visitors.
  9. Smoking is prohibited within the premises of Aquapark.
  10. A fine of EUR 30 shall be assessed for loss of or damage to the wristband.
  11. If any problems occur, please contact an instructor or administrator.
  12. Personnel have the right to make comments to visitors regarding inappropriate behaviour and to cancel a ticket without any form of compensation if house rules have been broken.
  13. We expect good care to be exercised by Aquapark visitors towards their surrounding environment. If a visitor intentionally damages Aquapark’s inventory, he or she is required to compensate the damage in full.
  14. In Aquapark you are required to follow the instructions given by Aquapark personnel.
  15. Those customers who are unable to adhere to the internal rules of Aquapark and disobey our employee’s instructions will be subject to a fine of EUR 50 and must leave Aquapark immediately!



  1. By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that you agree with Aquapark’s rules. You will then receive a wristband from the cashier which will allow you to pass through the security gate when entering and exiting the Aquapark. We ask that you keep your ticket until you leave Aquapark. If you have purchased something from Aquapark (bar, shop) or you have spent more than 3 hours in Aquapark, we ask that you please contact an administrator! The wristband may be returned to the designated wristband collector or handed to the administrator.
  2. Aquapark is not responsible for the personal items of visitors left in lockers. Valuables can be left in a safe, access to which can be purchased from Aquapark’s cashier.
  3. By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that your state of health and skill level enable you to use the attractions in Aquapark and that you agree to review the safety rules for attractions. Adults are responsible for the children they are escorting.
  4. We ask that you check all purchased goods, tickets and change at the register. Any later complaints will not be entertained.
  5. Once in Aquapark you can purchase a ticket to the sauna centre. If you wish to do so please see the bartender.
  6. When purchasing additional services in the Beauty and Health Centre, the duration of your visit to Aquapark will be extended by 1 hour.


  1. We ask that you remove outdoor shoes in the designated area prior to entering the dressing room or replace them with indoor shoes – doing so will help to keep things clean! Outdoor shoes can be put in a plastic bag (available from Aquapark’s cashier) and placed in your locker. When leaving Aquapark, we ask that you put outdoor shoes on at the door to the dressing room.
  2. You are free to select your own locker in the dressing room. Place the wristband you received from the cashier against the locker door, get dressed and close the door. Be sure to bring the key with you to Aquapark. Wear the wristband in a visible location for the duration of your visit to Aquapark. Your locker may be opened and closed repeatedly.
  3. Each time you do so, make sure that the locker door has closed correctly; if the door fails to close correctly and/or is broken, immediately inform the administrator or instructor on duty.
  4. Take good care of your wristband. A fine of EUR 50 will be charged if you lose it. If you lose your wristband, immediately inform the administrator or instructor on duty.
  5. Aquapark is not responsible for the personal items of visitors left in lockers.
  6. Before entering Aquapark, BE SURE TO WASH YOURSELF (without your swimsuit), remove makeup and jewellery. Please follow the hygiene requirements.
  7. After your visit to Aquapark and showering, dry yourself before entering the dressing room.
  8. A wet floor is slippery! Do not rush in Aquapark, dressing room and showers – doing so will help you avoid falling and injuring yourself!
  9. A situation may occur in the men’s dressing rooms and showers where female cleaning personnel may be moving about and working. We kindly ask for your understanding.
  10. Dressing rooms are shared. Please use changing rooms to change your clothes.



  1. Children under 1.2 metres in height may not use Aquapark’s tube slides. Except for open blue slides together with an adult companion.
  2. Traditional swimsuits are the best when it comes to enjoying the water in the Aquapark. Swimming in shorts – swimsuits with rivets, studs, zippers and buttons are prohibited because they can damage the tube slides!
  3. Please take into consideration the possibility that the tube slide may ruin your swimsuit. When using a tube slide, you assume personal responsibility for your clothes. Aquapark shall not be responsible for ruined swimsuits.
  4. To prevent unpleasant surprises, all children under the age of 3 must wear swim diapers. Swim diapers are on sale at Aquapark’s front desk.
  5. Select a pool or an attraction that is best suited to your state of health and swimming ability.
  6. The purple and black tube slide is enclosed, with special sound effects. Take your state of health and physical abilities into consideration. It is recommended that anyone suffering from epilepsy not use this tube slide.
  7. When using a tube slide, always wait for the green light. You must always go feet first.
  8. In the case of long hair, tie your hair up or use a swimming cap.
  9. Take good care when using Aquapark’s equipment and devices, and return them to their proper place after you are finished.
  10. Children may not be left unattended. Children who do not know how to swim are not allowed in the pool alone.



  1. In the case of groups of basic school and upper secondary school students, there must be 1 adult chaperone for every 15 students.
  2. Chaperones for basic school and upper secondary school student groups are responsible for the actions and behaviour of the group in Aquapark, and must ensure the timely departure of group members from Aquapark.

Constructive comments and observations are always welcome!

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